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I have a Samsung 700T ATIV Smart PC Pro tablet and I tried to access the different sensors using a basic Windows Store app template to test a few things out. I used the samples from here:

So far I was able to get data from the Accelerometer and the Gyrometer.

The Inclinometer and the Compass however are not giving me any data. I can instantiate them just fine (they are not null) using Compass.GetDefault(); and Inclinometer.GetDefault();. The "reading" event handlers are not getting invoked though.

I tried the Inclinometer and Compass samples from the SDK as well. Same result, no readings.

The tablet should be up-to-date according to the Samsung Updater tool.

Is there any other way how I can check whether these sensors are enabled and working?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Update 1:

Using the Sensor Diagnostic Tool from the Windows Driver Kit (Link) I was able to get some more information (it's located in prog.files\Windows Kits\8.0\Tools\).

I get readings for the X, Y and Z values from the compass sensor but "Magnetic North Degrees" is always VT_NULL. Since the Runtime API is only giving me HeadingMagneticNorth and HeadingTrueNorth instead of the raw values, this may be the root of the problem. Screenshot

Now since there seems to be a working compass, I wonder what the issue might be. Driver related?

For the inclinator, I am not getting any readings at all using the Sensor Diagnostic Tool. X, Y and Z values are VT_NULL. Screenshot

Any other Samsung Win8 tablet owners out there willing to test this out?

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Both sensors work now and are providing the expected values.

The solution was to move to a different place in the house and rotate the tablet on each axis several times. This led to a re-calibration of the sensors.

It's possible that the sensor was being distracted by strong magnetic interference which prevented it from calibrating properly.

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You might need to set the reporting interval property too.

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