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I am creating an email campaign for a client using exact target, The clients Salesforce account is already connected to their exact target account. I would like to make more personalization fields (marge fields) available within exact target using Salesforce fields. Currently I only have first name available.

Can somebody explain or provide me a link to some documentation. Web searches are not returning what I need

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If Salesforce is integrated properly, then you should have a Salesforce tab enabled in the when you create a new Profile Attribute in Subscribers > my subscribers > Profile Management.

Once the profile attributes are mapped to Salesforce fields, then they will be available as personalization strings in your email:


Documentation from ExactTarget:

SalesForce Attributes

Personalization Strings

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Thanks, This looks like you solved it for me. Wish I found this a week ago. – jpshayes Mar 8 '13 at 19:29

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