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I have the following JQUERY Function:

function siteCounterUpdate(n) {
    for(i=0;i<9;i++) {


      $('ul#indexSiteCounterBottom li:nth-child(3n)').addClass('extra-margin');

The function receives a number (string) and if its 9 characters long it works perfectly. 9 is the full length.

However if the number is say 7 characters long I need the first 2 items to be replaced with a HTML no breaking space.


I'm struggling to understand how I can do this.

eg: 6 character long string would be 1. nbsp 2. nbsp 3. nbsp 4 - 9. the string.

any advice would be great.


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Here's how to pad a string:

function padString (str, len, padWith) {
    var padLength = len - str.length;
    return padLength < 1 ? str : Array(padLength + 1).join(padWith) + str;

Sample usage:

padString('1234567899', 9, '&nbsp;'); // "1234567899"
padString('123456789', 9, '&nbsp;');  // "123456789"
padString('12345678', 9, '&nbsp;');   // "&nbsp;12345678"
padString('1234567', 9, '&nbsp;');    // "&nbsp;&nbsp;1234567"
padString('234567', 9, '&nbsp;');     // "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;234567"

Here's the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/8JdwP/

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thankyou - worked really well :) –  Adam Feb 7 '13 at 23:03

You can use a couple of for loops like so to count between n and 9 for your &nbsp;'s and 0 and n for your string:

function siteCounterUpdate(n) {
    var target = $('ul#indexSiteCounterBottom').empty();

    for (var i=n.length;i<9;i++) {

    // `i` doesn't have to be declared again because there's no block
    // scope in JavaScript, but I think it looks ugly otherwise :(.
    for (var i=0;i<n.length;i++) {
        target.append('<li>' + n + '</li>');
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I might be confused about what you want, but could you just right-align the counter so you don't need the spaces?

If not, you could create a pad function like described here.

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while (yourString.length < 9)
    yourString = "\u00A0" + yourString;   


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