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Assuming that an existing user(ID:1367) can send this url to his friends as an invitation.


Then Users table has hidden column called invitation.

and This is procedure how it works that I want.

  1. His friend input information to sign up.

  2. He hits submit button then hidden field 'invitation' will be also sent to form.

  3. 1367 will be set in the column called 'invitation' of the record.

  4. He will receive confirmation mail, and when he clicks on the link, I'd like to add this transaction, and execute only once for his account.
    Of course, this shouldn't be executed when the existing user tried to re-activate.
    Only for the first confirmation for the new user.


@user = User.find_by_invitation(current_user.invitation)
@user.friends = @user.friends + 1

I already have registration controller that helps adding extra transaction to Devise.
Now I want to know how I can implement this procedure to my app.

Should it be something like this?


def after_????????
    if @user = User.find_by_invitation(current_user.invitation)
        @user.friends = @user.friends + 1
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You can do this on the user model. Use a callback called after_create which is triggered after a user is created.

# user.rb
after_create :handle_invitation_code


def handle_invitation_code
  # do something with invitation here
  # i'm assuming that you want to credit
  # whoever it is that invited this user
  # assuming that invitation contains the
  # id of the referrer
  if referrer = User.find_by_id(invitation)
    # do something with referrer

Be warned that if you return false on a callback, it will cause a rollback and the record won't be saved.

UPDATE: callback for after confirmation

instead of using after_create, use before_save with an if option

before_save :handle_invitation_code, if: :just_confirmed?

def just_confirmed?
  confirmed_at_changed? && confirmed_at_was.nil?

def handle_invitation_code
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Thanks. But the point is inerting transaction when after confirmation is completed. Devise creates an user record as soon as sign up is done even if confirmation is not done yet. I don't want to give a credit for that. I'd give only after email confirmation is completed. –  Foo Feb 8 '13 at 14:39
sorry, i usually get lost with the description of the question that i forget to read the title. updated my answer –  jvnill Feb 8 '13 at 14:46
Thanks for the update! Doesn't it work even when the user saves from edit page? –  Foo Feb 8 '13 at 16:13
it wont. it will only work when the confirmed_at attribute was changed from nil to a non-nil value. –  jvnill Feb 8 '13 at 16:25
Thanks. and Last question. I did put it into user.rb However it seems it's going to check and execute just_confirmed method everytime when all the users access to users_controller. Doesn't make my app slower? –  Foo Feb 8 '13 at 16:31

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