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Using Susy Grids, how do you force the container to be min-height 100% and footer to be at the bottom of the page.


<div class="page">
  <header id="header-container">header</header>
  <section ="main-container">
    some short content
  <footer id="footer-container">footer</footer>


$total-columns  : 16; 
$column-width   : 4.5%;
$gutter-width   : 1%;
$grid-padding   : 6.5%;
$legacy-support-for-ie6 : false;

.page { @include container;}
#main-container{@include span-columns($total-columns omega);}
    @include clearfix;
    @include reset-columns; 
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This might be a job for the Compass Sticky Footer mixin.

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I might be wrong - but susy usually deals with width or horizontal based positioning problems (the Y of x-y positioning) - height and vertical positioning is not something susy worries about.

Again, I might be wrong - but I think you're looking to the wrong tool for this - Plus, you can always just write normal css to achieve what you're trying to do.

Tools like this are great, but it's a good thing to keep in mind that in the end you're really just getting CSS - so if you're not sure how to use CSS to accomplish something maybe you shouldn't be using tools to write that CSS for you. I always make sure the tools I'm using produces the CSS that I want it to, if it's not - I don't use that tool.

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