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I have an android project in IntelliJ IDEA. When I hit --N to open a file, the drop-down of file names includes both .class and .java files. The .class files are in the bin directory of my project.

I can see wanting .class files for external libraries (like a linked in jar file) but I don't want them for my own sources. I'm new to IDEA and assume this is a simple thing I just didn't do right, but I can't seem find it and it's driving me crazy. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Set bin directory as Excluded, normally IDEA excludes all the output folders by default and doesn't show you any .class files.


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Thank you! I didn't set this up using IDEA--it was existing code--which explains why this wasn't done automatically. –  SirPentor Feb 7 '13 at 23:48
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For Android Studio, there is a blue triangle when 'enter file name' (CMD + SHIFT + O) window is active. Clicking on the triangle brings down a drop down list of file types to be included/excluded in search

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