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What should I have in my web.xml to be able to use version 2.1.3 of jackson ?

when using 1.9 I had to have:


but this seems obsolete and I can find the docs to make it work the same. (or maybe I am still missing some files...

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Just add Jackson 2.x jars, including JAX-RS provider (for JSON, and perhaps XML). That will auto-register, and you should not need to set POJOMappingFeature at all.

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It did not seem to work for me without the POJOMappingFeature so amybe my serialization is currently some type of a mixture. can you please explain what exactly is controllled by POJOMappingFeature ? –  epeleg Feb 10 '13 at 7:24
With Jackson 1.x, that features is required, with 2.0 not. Difference is just that Jackson 2.x JAX-RS JSON provider includes service metadata (META-INF/services/...) to auto-register it as the default provider. POJOMappingFeature, on the other hand, is what Jersey Servlet checks to do registration explicitly. –  StaxMan Feb 10 '13 at 22:31

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