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I'm developing a application that integrates with Facebook. I read about integrating in ios 6, ok. I downloaded the SDK and came with samples. I opened "Scrumptious", but it's for iOS 4.3!!

So, two questions:

  1. There is any sample for iOS 6?
  2. How can I develop my application that integrates with iOS 6 and others iOS, using Facebook SDK?


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The latest version of the Facebook SDK works on all Apple-supported versions of iOS, i.e. 4.3+. If the device is using iOS 6 and you request your permissions in an appropriate fashion (ie, read first, write later) then it will use Apple's built-in Facebook support and the username/password the user has supplied elsewhere. However it'll also work on iOS 4 and 5 devices that don't have that support, supplying an appropriate in-app prompt or paging out momentarily to the Facebook app as appropriate.

Use of the Facebook SDK is therefore optional for accessing Facebook from iOS 6 but is likely a good idea because:

  • it also works under iOS 4 and 5; and
  • it supplies a lot of pre-built dialogues for common Facebook tasks.

So although Scrumptious will work on iOS 4.3 it is using the latest version of the SDK and will use the OS-level support if available.

One of the distinguishing features of the latest SDK versus the older ones is that FBSession now has a concept of the activeSession, i.e. it has singleton-like features that support a global modal session. That was added publicly in June last year. Scrumptious makes use of that feature, for example on lines 94, 130, 144, 152 and 159 of SCAppDelegate.m.

So to answer your question directly: you've quite probably already downloaded the correct SDK. You'd write exactly the same code to work with it under iOS 4, 5 or 6. The samples like Scrumptious are a good place to start.

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current Scrumptious example is not working for iOS below 6. It uses FBLoginView which does not open anything in iOS5 and below. Can you tell am I missing something or its problem with FB SDK or its designed to behave like that only? – Vishal Singh Jul 20 '13 at 15:19

If you want a great tutorial, you can start with Ray Wenderlich's site. They have a good beginning tutorial using the social framework. I actually bought his book iOS 6 by tutorial. It helped me make an app for a friend that integrates Facebook and twitter. It really helps you understand the social framework.

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Are you trying to integrate with the ios6 SocialKit? You don't need to download an SDK for that, it's built into the OS. I would recommend using Share Kit if you want to support older ios versions.

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