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Have been tasked to look into a system for a large scale televoting solution, similar to that used for something like Xfactor but after a long time surfing the web I am struggling to find an answer

Small scale televoting I'm imagine would use something like Asterisk with an IVR and backend database, but what would you do if you need to scale it up to the possibility of 10's or 100's of thousands of voting / polling at the same time?

My thoughts are that this would have to be done by a Telco, or could this be done yourself (with a big budget), and with what technology?

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You can't create large scaling solution if you are not enought experience in telecom/voip. System for televoting(10000+ channels) have be:

  1. non blocking(most imporant)
  2. queued
  3. have very hi number of channels on inbound did.

To do such system you can use opensips/kamailio proxy with multiple(20+ ) asterisk or other media servers. Most likly you also will need in-memory count of voices(nosql/mysqlcluster).

To do system able scale to 100k,you need have REALY special tunning of all part of system. You can hire freelancer to do that, but anyway you will requere very special contract with telco to got inbound capacity.

For you reference, 5000 calls will not fit in 1Gb connection. so 100k calls(just media) is realy amazing load. See bandwidth calculator

For 10k channels project is doable if use Amazon EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, Opensips,EC2 network. Operation cost for 10k system will be relative low,near 200 usd/hour,not including cost of inbound DID/trunk capacity.

Other problem here is law. If you vote for something that result hi-cost of interest, you probably need consult law specialist about what you have confirm for your servers/vote procedure.

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Thanks very much for the info, I will look into these now. –  mflammia Feb 8 '13 at 8:52

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