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I want to create a gateway of little games packaged in one app, so they can be downloaded in only one App from the Appstore (for iOS apps) but I want to cache resources locally (i.e in the document domain for iPhone)(offline constraints).

In fact i'd like to make my games "downloadable/updatable in app".

By "downloadable in app" i mean :

  • Once a user starts using my app, he will be able to choose one or more games among a set of games. Then he will have to download it (once) if he wants to play.
  • The downloadable game package should contain sources file (HTML/JS/CSS) + Assets (PNG/JPG/MP3/etc..) and being executable by a WebView.
  • Then, after the user has downloaded one or more little games, he could run them offline. In fact my app is kind of a "hybrid" application, the native part will handle everything except games and the games should be runnable on each platform (iOS, Android, Windows, etc…)

i've made some research and no frameworks seems to bring this possibility. Moreover each time i try to run HTML5/JS games in a webview i run into the same issue related to cross domain policy which seems to be a known problem for loading stuff from File://

If anybody have some clue about my needs (hoping they were clear) feel free to comment :)

Thanks !

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If the files are downloaded to the documents directory, then you shoudl be able to open them in a webview no problem –  Justin Meiners Feb 8 '13 at 1:48
Downloading executable code is very obviously not allowed. –  s.bandara Feb 8 '13 at 3:11
Thanks for answering guys. I decided to develop my little games without XHR and it simply worked fine :) –  blackbrain Feb 13 '13 at 14:13

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