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I am working on a small project and all of my urls are written without base_url() function. So I was thinking what does those base_url() functions help with my urls. I know it will prefix the url based on configs file preferences. But simply I wanna ask

What is the advantage of using them ? and whats the disadvantage of not using them ?

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You'll probably never need it. Although there have been several times when I've had to move an exiting site from the root into a subdirectory. Doing so meant updating all the links by hand, if I had use base_url(), it would have saved me a lot of time. –  Jeemusu Feb 8 '13 at 2:59

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base_url is needed when you create login/signup with email verification or forgot password functionality (Verifying by clicking the links like this http://yourdomain.com/auth/userid/code). This is only one example, may have lot of uses.

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The main advantage is that; when you want to migrate your project to online or in a different server; you won't need to edit your hard-coded links. The base_url() will make your inside links to get their base url dynamically.

echo base_url("blog/post/123");

will return


in example.com and will return


in jms.com

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the difference of base_url() and site_url() is that

both returns the url of your site but site_url() returns your site url, with attached index.php or on what you have configured $config['index_page'] = '' in application/config/config.php

example www.yoursite.com/chicken/turkey

when using base_url(): Returns your site base URL, as specified in your config file. you will get wwww.yoursite.com

when using site_url(): you will get www.yoursite.com/index.php

site_url() is usefull if you haven't change your .htaccess and you still access your controllers with index.php

base_url() is usefull when linking your css,js,or media stuffs. Granting that you still use index.php when accessing your controller/method

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Its needed every-where, or at least we should use everywhere. Do you know, absolute url is far better then relative url? So, when you are using an absolute urls for all links on your site, instead of hard coded root domain name, you can use the "base_url()" function. Moreover, CI reactor is smart enough to detect the original base url, so you even don't need to enter it in config file.

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I usually using the base_url() for the correct paths to the static files (css, js, img) files and the site_url() for the links to pages. site_url() will return with url_suffix witch could be set in application/config/config.php file

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