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var request = {
    headers: {
        "CONTENT-TYPE": "application/json",
        "accept": "application/json"

Purpose is to get the plain object, but with "normalized" keys. How can I combine keys and vals with Underscore?

var normalize = function(h) { return h.toUpperCase(); },
    keys = _.map(_.keys(request.headers), normalize),
    vals = _.values(request.headers);

// Now combine (no obvious looping) keys and vals to obtain
// {
//     headers: {
//         "CONTENT-TYPE": "application/json",
//         "ACCEPT": "application/json"
//     }
// }
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Do you consider _.each to be an "obvious" looping construct?

var normalize = function(h) { return h.toUpperCase(); },
    normalizedHeaders = {};

_.each(request.headers, function(value, key) {
    normalizedHeaders[normalize(key)] = value;

You could also do it with a reduction, if you prefer:

var reducer = function(result, v, k) { result[normalize(k)] = v; return result; },
    normalizedHeaders = _.reduce(request.headers, reducer, {});

Either way there's going to be a loop under the covers, though.

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Not bad! Of course there will be a loop somewhere :) but I prefer a compact way! Thanks! –  gremo Feb 8 '13 at 3:27

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