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I am writing c++ program using poco c++ library and execute in PC environment successfully. But how to cross compile into ARM-Linux .

I am following from the poco GMakeBuildNotes, but I do not know where I made mistakes. Can anybody help me how to cross compile step by step. Here are the steps I am currently following:

  1. ./configure --config=ARM-Linux --no-samples --no-tests
  2. make
  3. cross compile in QT framework

Any suggestions to improve these steps, please?

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This post is old and you didn't really stated what's the problem, but still I'll share. I'm getting started with poco for our embedded systems and this is how I compiled it for ARM linux:

If you download and unpack the poco package, you'll find a directory: build/config
Here you can find various preset configs for poco builds. I made a copy of 'ARM-linux' and edited it to suit my needs (these are only the changes):

    LINKMODE          ?= STATIC # since we are statically linking poco...
    TOOL               = arm-none-linux-gnueabi # this is the compiler we use

The rest was okay for me!
Then I compile poco like this:

    $ ./configure --config=MY_OWN_CONFIG --prefix=/absolute/path/to/target/dir --no-samples --no-tests
    $ make (compiles without a problem for me)
    $ make install

after 'make install' (if everything is fine) the compiled libs will be in the directory specified by the '--prefix' option, and they are ready to be linked to your ARM applications.

I hope it helps!

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What version of Poco and what version of STLport are you using? I am not having any luck with Poco 1.5.2 and STLport 5.2.1. –  pbergqvist Oct 3 '13 at 7:07

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