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Below are the result that I want to have, basically I want B1 to B4 can automatically detect string from A1 to A4 and return same string plus the severity level when match the string.

For example, if A1= Critical, B1 should display Critical Severity 1 and if A1 changed to High, B1 should display High Severity 2

Current I'm using

=IF(A1="Critical","Critical Severity 1",""),IF(A1="High","High Severity 2",""),IF(A1="Medium","Medium Severity 3",""),IF(A1="Low","Low Severity 4","")

enter image description here

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Have you looked at VLOOKUP or MATCH? – ja72 Feb 8 '13 at 4:35
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If you want to use IF condition (as you are trying) you can do it like this:

=IF(A1="Critical","Critical Severity 1",IF(A1="High","High Severity 2",IF(A1="Medium","Medium Severity 3",IF(A1="Low","Low Severity 4",""))))
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Haha, Thanks hims056, I almost did same thing here =IF(A1="Critical","Critical Severity 1",IF(A1="Low","Low Severity 4",IF(A1="High","High Severity 2",IF(A1="Midium","","Medium Severity 3")))) Thanks Anyway. – James0419 Feb 8 '13 at 4:50

What you need is VLOOKUP() on cell B1. See example below:




How to create a in-cell dropdown menu with choices

Select Cell A1 and pick on data validation


and then select List under Allow: and the range of values $B$4:$B$7 under source:


To create a dropdown cell:


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