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I have used a webform to my drupal 7 website.And now I want to put a webform to another page(two webforms in different web pages).How can i configure webform for it?

thank you.

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Have you used, webform as node, or block? If u have used, webform as block, then u goto admin/block and then configure.

From that page, you can configure, where u want the page to dispaly web form

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Create another webform just as u created the previous one.

Log in to your website with admin privileges and click on the Add Content > Webform from the admin menu. Create a new webform here. After this is saved, you can add the needed form elements.

This new webform is a node and will be listed in the content list page. If you want to render this webform as a block, Go to particular webform, > Edit > Form settings and in the Advanced settings tab, Check the "Available as block" checkbox.

Hope this helps..

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