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I'm studying the OpenSceneGraph these days:

// Assumes the Cessna's root node is a group node.
osg::ref_ptr<osg::Node> model = osgDB::readNodeFile("cessna.osg");
osg::Group* convModel1 = model->asGroup(); // OK!
osg::Geode* convModel2 = model->asGeode(); // Returns NULL?

Why model->asGeode(); Returns NULL?

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If you look at cessna.osg in a text editor:

Group {
  UniqueID Group_0
  DataVariance STATIC
  cullingActive TRUE
  num_children 1
  Geode {
    DataVariance DYNAMIC
    name "cessna.osg"
    cullingActive TRUE
    num_drawables 1
    Geometry {

you'll see that the top-level entity is a Group, not a Geode. You need to getChild() on the Node that comes back from readNodeFile, and then you should be able to asGeode() that.

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