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Iam new to powershell thouugh I know sharepoint. I want to creat a site in sharepoint using Powershell.. Found a few links but "Get" command throws an error message. Do i need to do any initial config/setting to start working with powershell w.r.t sharepoint? Pls guide... How do i create a site in Sharepoint using powershell...


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It's a good pattern to show your code, errors you have and adding any information about your environment that can help to give you an answer. –  CB. Feb 8 '13 at 8:04
Please share your code or the error to help you out –  SigarDave Feb 8 '13 at 12:28

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Try this, if you want to use powershell remoting, the command will look something like this:

Invoke-Command -ComputerName MyComputer `
               -FilePath .\Create-WebSite.ps1 `
               -ArgumentList "MySite", "C:\inetpub\MySite", 443

Or locally:

.\Create-WebSite.ps1 -WebSiteName "MySite" -PathInfo "C:\inetpub\MySite" -Port 443

Here's the script, I named it Create-WebSite.ps1

    [Parameter(Mandatory = $True,Position = 0,ValueFromPipeline = $True)]  

    [Parameter(Mandatory = $True,Position = 1,ValueFromPipeline = $True)]  

    [Parameter(Mandatory = $false,Position = 3,ValueFromPipeline = $True)]  
    [int]$Port = 80,

    [Parameter(Mandatory = $false,Position = 4,ValueFromPipeline = $True)]  

    Import-Module WebAdministration

    ForEach-Object {

        New-Item $PathInfo -ItemType Directory -force
        New-Item "$PathInfo\$WebSiteName" -ItemType Directory -force
        Set-Content "$PathInfo\$WebSiteName\app_offline.htm" "$WebSiteName under maintenance" 

        if ($WhatIfPreference.IsPresent) 
            write-host "What if: Performing operation New-WebAppPool -Name $WebSiteName"
            write-host "What if: Performing operation New-Website -Name $WebSiteName -ApplicationPool $WebSiteName -HostHeader $HostName -PhysicalPath $PathInfo -Port $Port"
            New-WebAppPool -Name $WebSiteName 

            New-Website -Name $WebSiteName `
                        -ApplicationPool $WebSiteName `
                        -HostHeader $HostHeader `
                        -PhysicalPath $PathInfo `
                        -Port $Port `

            New-WebApplication -Site $WebSiteName `
                               -Name $WebSiteName `
                               -PhysicalPath "$PathInfo\$WebSiteName" `
                               -ApplicationPool $WebSiteName


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Whoops I misread the question as how to create a website, so here's how to do that if you ever need it! –  David Martin Feb 8 '13 at 13:32

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