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As far as I understand if I want to use inheritance doctrine requires to list all subclasses in the supperclass mapping information.

The manual states:

 * @Entity
 * @InheritanceType("SINGLE_TABLE")
 * @DiscriminatorColumn(name="discr", type="string")
 * @DiscriminatorMap({"person" = "Person", "employee" = "Employee"})
class Person
    // ...

The @InheritanceType, @DiscriminatorColumn and @DiscriminatorMap must be specified on the topmost class that is part of the mapped entity hierarchy.

As I'm developing a symfony bundle which will be reused by multiple applications, this is a major problem. I'd like to provide super classes which can be extended by the applications. This means the subclasses are not known at the time I implement the superclass.

Question Creating portable Bundles with extendable entities in Symfony2 is addressing the same problem.

The question here is: What options do I have to come around this limitation?

On of the areas I'm having this need is an order. An application should have the possibility to implement it's own order item subtypes. I came up with this solution, but that requires a lot of extra classes just to get something like inheritance.

I'd be happy to see better/shorter solutions.

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Related: stackoverflow.com/questions/9801173/… –  Gerry Feb 8 '13 at 7:14
Thanks! Did not find this. Added the inheritence tag to it, to make things more cler. Yes it's the same problem. However my question has an other scope. I KNOW that doctrine cannot handle this. My question is about what optoins do we have? –  BetaRide Feb 8 '13 at 7:39

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