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Has anyone successfully installed SwingX to NetBeans' Palette? I'm following the instructions in SwingX Wiki, but with some glitches:

The components appear in the Palette, but their icons won't show up correctly. If I add the componets shown by "Show All JavaBeans" (instead of "Show Marked JavaBeans") in the Palette manager, then I get some icons there, but they're for the BeanInfo objects only: for instance there's an JXTaskPaneContainer item with an icon, but it turns out to actually be an JXTaskPaneContainerBeanInfo class. The real JXTaskPaneContainer component is shown with a question mark icon.

Apparently NetBeans can't read the BeanInfo stuff from where it it is. I don't know if this is a SwingX issue, a NetBeans issue or a compatibility issue. Any tips?

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I think I face quite the same problem with JFormDesigner. Adding the swingx components to the palette works (with default icons) but I cannot use them inside the GUI designer. I have a forbidden overlay when I try to Drag&Drop the component. –  Matthieu BROUILLARD Apr 23 '10 at 12:45

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