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== UPDATE ===

So I realized that Sublime already has a command for adding comments. So if I have code inserted like this:

comment = " ----------------------------------------" + '\n'
comment += " " + title + '\n'
comment += " @author " + author + '\n'
comment += " @url " + url + '\n'
comment += " ---------------------------------------" + '\n'
comment = self.view.run_command('toggle_comment')
code = items['code']
layout = comment + code
self.view.replace(edit, sel[0], layout)

How do I get the command to work so that it comments out the comment variable? Thanks.

Initial Question

I am creating a plugin for Sublime Text 2 and want to make sure that when it inserts/replaces code it inserts comments as well, but to do this I need for it to insert the correct comment types for the various languages. I know that I can run the following command:


And that will return something like this:


Is there a way to have it return just PHP, Python, C++, etc.

I'm sure I could do a substring command in Python, but since I can see an easy way of seeing all file settings I wanted to make sure there wasn't a quick easy way of doing this. Thanks for the help.

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Are you looking for scope_name ?

scope_name(point) | String | Returns the syntax name assigned to the character at the given point.

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I would still have to do a substring method on that as it returns source.python keyword.control.import.python - I'm hoping there is a way that I'm missing that will just return Python or PHP for example. –  coldcoder Feb 8 '13 at 18:22

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