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I'm quite new to Android-development. Perhaps am I missing something very basic?

I'm trying to play DTMF tones, but the emulator is silent. I have checked the emulators volume, it's enabled and set to max.

When I start the dialer app, it's the same problem. Pressing the number keys, it's silent, even though "Audible touch tones" are enabled.


ToneGenerator tg = new ToneGenerator(AudioManager.STREAM_DTMF, ToneGenerator.MAX_VOLUME);           
tg.startTone(ToneGenerator.TONE_DTMF_1, 2000);

I suspect that the problem is not in the code, but the emulator, since the build-in dialer app also does not play the tones.

I have tried the code on a acutal phone, and it works. It must be something with the virtual device.

Any ideas??

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did you use the tone generator class? you must in order to hear them. set the min volume.

see here

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Yes, I did, I add the code to my question. –  kaze Feb 8 '13 at 9:06

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