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I have a question about passing an instance, as following


// nodejs var
var app = express()
    , server = http.createServer(app)
    , _Server = io.listen(server);

 * To log
 * Before, to display the _Server instance, the content should be

// app var
var _Session = new Session(_Server);


var Session = function Session(server) {
    this.m_server = server;

     * To log
     * After, to display the m_server property, the content actually is

I wonder why those results aren't the same as I expect. And as a result I couldn't call this.m_server.emit(...) in the Session class. What I want to do is to delegate a behavior

    _Server.emit(...) // in app.js
    this.m_server.emit(...) // in session.js

So that lots of events could be implemented in different files. How can I do to make it ? thanks~

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try this:


_Server = = io.listen(server);


this.m_server = require('app').io;
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it works but actually it's kind of GLOBAL way instead of a parameter. As I know, global is evil. So is there other way to do ? I still appreciate your answer. – Kevin Feb 18 '13 at 2:41

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