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I am executing a multi threaded c++ application on redhat linux.

While the application is running, I observed that VmRSS increases about 20-80 kB and as this value increases, over a period of time the VmSize also increases and results in Out of memory.

VmStk and VmData values remains constant.

What could be the reason for the increase of VmRSS value ? There are appropriate new & delete operations in the code.

Does this value increase with large operations on containers / due to more number of threads in the application ? or does the value increase if there is any memory leak ?

If the VmRSS does increase with usage of an application then how to prevent the Out of memory situation ?

I know that VmRss is the actual physical memory that is in use. It would be helpful if some one can provide more information on VmRSS.


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The most obvious culprit is a memory leak. – cnicutar Feb 8 '13 at 9:01
There are appropriate new & delete operations in the code. Did you actually verify this via Valgrind or a similar tool? – scai Feb 8 '13 at 10:34

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