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I have the following code for adding a tile on Windows Phone 8 but I can't get the tile to show.

CycleTileData cycletile = new CycleTileData();
cycletile.Title = "Test";
cycletile.SmallBackgroundImage = new Uri([0].user.profile_picture,UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute); 
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You need to add the tile to the start screen using ShellTile.Create(). Setting the CycleImages property couldn't hurt either.

List<Uri> list = [your image list];
Uri smallImage = [your image];

CycleTileData tileData = new CycleTileData() 
    Title = group.Title, 
    SmallBackgroundImage = smallImage
    CycleImages = list 

 ShellTile.Create(new Uri(NavSource, UriKind.Relative), tileData, true); 

There are lots of samples on Microsoft Dev Center or Windows Phone Geek

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