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I have a HTML template which uses various div structure. Now I have to create this into a wordpress theme. I am a bit confused with this. I am attaching the design hereenter image description here

So all the pink borders are divs. Now Do I put the whole content in the wordpress page, or is there a better way of creating the template? I was hoping that I just put the contents in the ADD PAGE area. and it would automatically take the alignment. All the black lines are contents(text). This is the design of a single page. Any idea of how make the template so that the contents are aligned automatically?

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I assume that the image together with the 3 divs next to it all belong to one subject? If so you could use a custom post type and then adding different meta boxes for those different divs. Another solution would be using shortcodes like so [divone][/divone] [divtwo][/divtwo] you can create those with the following code:

function divone_func($atts, $content="") {
     return '<div class="one">'.$content.'</div>';
add_shortcode('divone', 'divone_func');

This code goes into your functions.php file, in your style.css you can style the div with the following code:

    /* your CSS here */

More reading:

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I am not trying to use plugin. Rather this is a page design in HTML and I want this design to be converted to wordpress. So my question is as they are different divs , how to insert only text between them when I am creating a new page. –  Roger Feb 9 '13 at 5:24
The code above doesn't require you to use a plugin, it goes into your functions.php file. I've edited the post –  user2019515 Feb 9 '13 at 14:04
@Roger Is that the answer you were looking for? If so please accept it. :) –  user2019515 Feb 19 '13 at 0:18

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