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I have a application which is created on ZK Framework , i want to give user a functionality where user can open a saved file in edit mode and then again saved the changed in database can any one know which API can help me to do this?

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You could use Google Apps to do so and set Google Docs to edit your DOC, PDF or even XLS extension files. For more help on setting it up, feel free to ask again. :)

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The problem you're posing doesn't have a simple answer, unfortunately.

There are two general approaches you could take..

The low hanging fruit is to provide an interface for the user to download a file and upload it after they make edits using whichever editing software they choose / is appropriate.

The other approach would be to provide a GUI to edit files. Regardless of the web framework you are using, this is a daunting task to say the least. As @userRandom mentioned, this is a large part of what Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) is attempting to solve.. but even Google's solution is not perfect and very much a work in progress.

I would strongly suggest evaluating the scope of your project before proceeding.
If you choose to move forward, consider a simple solution that works for .txt files. Then, consider how you might handle .doc files. Then, PDF files, XLS files, etc.

Folks here will be able to answer specific questions.

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