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Say that we have the following part of an algorithm, provided that I want to implement it in matlab:

k = 0;
while k<n 
among all pixels that "belong to" a set, select that pixel
k = k+1;

How can I implement?

  • Determining if a pixel "belongs to" an image or a set of the image


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Can you expand on "belongs to" ?? –  santiago_apr1 Feb 8 '13 at 9:40

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Generally, in Matlab, image (gray/color) is represented as 2D/3D Matrix

For example,

I = imread("lena.jpg");

So, the size of the I is m x n for gray and m x n x 3 for color

Now if you want to select a pixel that "belongs to" a subset of image (rectangle) (xi yi) (w h).
The origin i.e., (1,1) pixel of the image is the top left corner.

Isub = I(xi:xi+w-1, yi:yf+h-1);

Also, you can just access pixels using pixel = I(i,j); ith pixel from top and jth pixel from left

If "belongs to" is something complex like all pixels which are red or something else, the approach/complexity would vary

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