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I have a few projects that use MySQL Connector for .NET, either directly or through NHibernate.

Very simple question: in order to avoid maintaining the Mysql.Data.dll assembly on every project and for keeping up-to-date with the upstream development, does anyone provide a maintained MySQL Connector for .NET/Mono package for openSUSE?

It would go through YaST just fine.

If "no one yet" is the answer, I'll simply do gacutil -i Mysql.Data.dll as root. But an RPM could be finer :)

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As of Dec 2014 a connector RPM exists, but not yet available in official Yast distribution repository. Maybe in a separate community repository...

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No one yet :-) Al least http://software.opensuse.org/ doesn't list any packages for it, and that is usually very exhaustive.

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