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Key -> Value
B      8
C     10
A      5
E      3
D      1

To get a sorted array based on key, I use

set sorted_keys_array [lsort [array names INITIAL_ARRAY]]

to get the output

Key -> Value
A     5
B     8
C     10
D     1
E     3

Like wise, how to get a sorted tcl array based on values of keys, like output below?

Key -> Value
 C     10
 B     8 
 A     5
 E     3
 D     1
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Starting with Tcl 8.6, you could do

lsort -stride 2 -integer [array get a]

which would produce a flat list of key/value pairs sorted on values.

Before lsort gained the -stride option, you had to resort to constructing a list of lists out of the flat list array get returns and then sort it using the -index option for lsort:

set x [list]
foreach {k v} [array get a] {
    lappend x [list $k $v]
lsort -integer -index 1 $x
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The last line should be replaced by set result [lsort -integer -index 1 $x] since "lsort" produces new list rather than changes existing one. – mkostya Nov 21 '13 at 12:23
@mkostya, I demonstrated the idea, not a complete program. Moreover, there are legitimate cases to just use the return value of a command without assigning it to a variable -- for instance, you could wrap a proc body around the second example, and that proc would return whatever lsort returns. – kostix Nov 21 '13 at 14:07

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