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I have simple script:

Option Explicit
dim oaccess
set oaccess = createobject("access.application")
oaccess.opencurrentdatabase "C:\test.mdb"
oaccess.docmd.runmacro "MacroOne"
set oaccess=nothing

But in this scenario macro will run query that connects to password protected table. So when trying to execute macro I have a message:

Oracle ODBC Driver Connect Service Name, User Name, Password

Now does anyone know how to implement this into my vb script? So it will automatically put those details and run?


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This is because you use a DSN in your Access database for the linked table in Oracle. You should switch to a DSN-less ODBC connection. There is no GUI support for this feature and requires some back-dooring. Please read this article and decide for yourself if you are going to go this path. If you decide to go, check this website for examples on how to create a DSN-less connection to Oracle.

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Thank you cha. I am not an administrator of the database therefore I cannot make any permanent changes to it. As a user/analyst I can only connect and pull the data. This login message is quite frustrating so I have to find a way around it :/ –  Mike Haceman Feb 15 '13 at 10:10

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