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In an iPhone app I am building I need to communicate with a 3rd party REST api. I am using AFNetworking for this communication.

The api is built so that one can make multiple requests to it within one HTTP request, so for example to make 3 requests the api expects a request message structured like this:

{id:1,method:"", params:{msg:”Chat message”,game:”123”}}
{id:2,method:"company.users", params:{age:3600}} 
{id:3,method:"company.teams", params:{age:3600}}

I was under the assumption that JSON messages needed to be wrapped in a root object such as the following example, and that is how AFNetworking packages the data when making a request:

   "method1" = {id:1,method:"", params:{msg:”Chat message”,game:”123”}}
   "method2" = {id:2,method:"company.users", params:{age:3600}} 
   "method3" = {id:3,method:"company.teams", params:{age:3600}}

Is it possible to pass data as in the first example above with AFNetworking (please explain how if it is)?

Or is the api I am calling breaking the JSON standard?

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The following Stack Overflow post helped me solve the question:

How do I set the data for a "PUT" request with AFNetworking?

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