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I am working on GWT-Ext 2.0.4 .
I have just changed panel class and compiled it and it din't threw any error.
But when i ran the application in Hosted mode i got the following error
[WARN] Exception thrown into JavaScript
java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem: The constructor GrdRowListener() is undefined

GrdRowListener compiled successfully and there were no compilation errors in the whole project . Also i cleaned the project and build it again but no luck.

Strangely this code works in WEB-MODE and not in hosted mode.

Appreciate your help if you have come across this situation.
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There are differences between the hosted mode and the web mode. Basically, in hosted mode the actual Java-Code is executed, in web mode only the compiled Javascript-Code is executed. Here's an explanation.

Now for the (possible) cause of your problem: Does your GrdRowListener contain the empty constructor? If not - does it contain any non-empty constructors, so that the default (empty) constructor is not available? An empty constructur is sometimes needed for object initializations, e.g. deserialization / bean creation. Pure Javascript should work fine without such a constructor, but Java code won't and that might be the root of your problem. Add the empty constructor to your class and test if it works.

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