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Hello, I am getting the following exception and I don't understand why:

2013-1-5 16:18:41 uncaughtException {"code":"EPERM","errno":"EPERM","syscall":"connect"}

I start the service from LocalHost, it binds to a client named piped with tray icon (node ​​webkit use), but the connection is not established. All on nodejs.

server (service)
    pipe_server = net.createServer( function( c ) { log( 5, 'pipe server started' );
    pipe_server_connection = c;
    c.pipe( c );
    pipe_server.listen( '\\\\.\\pipe\\ag', function() { //'listening' listener
        log(5, '8bitagent listen pipe...');

client (tray icon)

pipe_client = net.connect( '\\\\.\\pipe\\ag', function(){ log( 5, 'pipe client connected' );
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EPERM means you have insufficient permissions to do that . – Benjamin Gruenbaum Feb 8 '13 at 11:38
i know. how to make enough? if you run the server as a service, and just like that, everything's okay. (using nssm for installation in service) – Yaroslav L. Feb 10 '13 at 9:51

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