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I have the "official" "Chat & IM" chat room on my SE website. There doesn't appear to be any customization options whatsoever for this room. In particular, I need to change the colour of the chat screen itself from white to black. When I changed the theme of the site from light to dark, I had to change the text colour (throughout the site) from dark to light, so that it can be seen against the dark bg pages. But now the text area in my chat room is white, and so is the text. I can't make the texty darker or it will be hard to see throughout the rest of the site, and I can't find any option to change the colour of the chat screen from white to black (or dark).

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...Could you link to the site? –  Jezen Thomas Feb 8 '13 at 11:42
I'm afraid I can't, as it's a members only site that you have to log into. In any event all you would see, if you went to the chat room, is the normal SE chat screen. And if you posted a message the text would be white, and therefore invisible on the screen, which is also white. There is no option to change the text colour. If you are familiar with SE you will know that all customization is made from the Edit Theme page, but there is no option here to make changes for individual pages. –  Martn Pl Sgire OMaolmhuaidh Feb 8 '13 at 12:48
Sure, but Stack Overflow is a Q&A site for programmers. We tend to do programmy stuff to fix problems, i.e., look at the code, modify code, review code, etc. Your question is about Social Engine, not programming. Someone here might help you, but I think you're better off speaking to the developers of Social Engine. –  Jezen Thomas Feb 8 '13 at 14:17
Yes, okay, that's fair enough. Unfortunately it costs $50 to talk to SE support (to extend support), and I've had to do that several times already. It's costing me a fortune to get answers to what I imagine are very simple questions/issues for programmers and others in the tech savvy community. I just thought someone familiar with SE might know the answer/solution to this particular question. Thanks anyway. –  Martn Pl Sgire OMaolmhuaidh Feb 8 '13 at 14:37

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