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I'm using dijit combobox for populating a JSON List. Also I'm using ItemFileReadStore for getting the JSON data from the server. Once the data is downloaded, when I click on the combobox it shows all the data. But I don't want the user to see all the data. The user should see the list only when he types something. I tried using queryExpr parameter-${0}*. But at that time the list is not populated.Can someone please help me to fix it? Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Apps

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Do you observe this behavior with several browsers (IE6, IE7, FF ...) ? –  philant Sep 28 '09 at 6:01
Thanks for your reply Philippe. I see this behavior on all the browsers. –  Apps Sep 29 '09 at 10:45

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The following snippet, largely inspired from the Dojo ComboBox example works does not "show all the data" with Dojo verion 1.3.0 (17136).

 <input dojoType="dijit.form.ComboBox"
        onChange="setVal2" />

I played a bit with the comboBox properties (autoComplete, hasDownArrow ...) and couldn't reproduce the described behavior. Could you post a minimal example?

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<input type="text"name="countrySelected" dojotype="dijit.form.ComboBox" store="countryStore" autocomplete="false" hasDownArrow="false" searchattr="countryName" id="countryId" onChange="testingFunction();"invalidmessage="Enter a valid Country"/> </form> <div dojotype="dojo.data.ItemFileReadStore" jsId="countryStore" url="<%=renderResponse.encodeURL(countryUrl.toString())%> </div> Initially it doesn't load all the entries. When we start typing autocomplete works.After that if we clear the text field, all the entries are shown. Can you please help me? –  Apps Oct 6 '09 at 11:45
This seems to be the behavior of the widget, I'm afraid you will have to customize the widget - or ask the Dojo people. –  philant Oct 14 '09 at 11:34

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