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I am newbie in device driver programming. I am trying to perform Read and Write operation on a Pen Drive. Details: Vendor ID : 8564 and Product ID : 1000. It is a Transcend JetFlash mass Storage Device. I am keen to know that whether it is possible to achieve a Read/Write on a Pen Drive. if it is, then is it going to happen the way I have tried in the code provided below. I have learnt the methods to get the device id, product id and endpoint addresses. This is what I have implemented.

Here the device is getting acknowledged and opened. And, even the Interface claim is successful.

But bulk transfer functions return -1.

I would be very glad if someone can explain.

#include <stdio.h>      
#include <sys/types.h>      
#include <string.h>    
#include </usr/include/libusb-1.0/libusb.h>    

#define BULK_EP_OUT     0x82    
#define BULK_EP_IN      0x02    

int main(void)    
    int r = 0,e = 0;    
    struct libusb_device_handle *handle = NULL;    
    struct libusb_device **devs;    
    struct libusb_device *dev;    
    struct libusb_device_descriptor desc;    
    char str1[256], str2[256];    
      /* Init libusb */    
    r = libusb_init(NULL);    
    if (r < 0)    
        printf("\nfailed to initialise libusb\n");
        return 1;

    handle = libusb_open_device_with_vid_pid(NULL,0x8564,0x1000);    
    if(handle == NULL)    
        printf("\nError in device opening!");    
        printf("\nDevice Opened");    

    //   tell libusb to use the CONFIGNUM configuration of the device     

    libusb_set_configuration(handle, 1);    
    if(libusb_kernel_driver_active(handle, 0) == 1)    
        printf("\nKernel Driver Active");    
        if(libusb_detach_kernel_driver(handle, 0) == 0)    
            printf("\nKernel Driver Detached!");    

    e = libusb_claim_interface(handle, 0);    
    if(e < 0)    
        printf("\nCannot Claim Interface");    
        printf("\nClaimed Interface");    

      /* Communicate */    

    int bytes_read;    
    int nbytes = 256;    
    unsigned char *my_string, *my_string1;    
    int transferred = 0;    
    my_string = (unsigned char *) malloc (nbytes + 1);    
    my_string1 = (unsigned char *) malloc (nbytes + 1);    

    printf("\nTo be sent : %s",my_string);    

    e = libusb_bulk_transfer(handle,BULK_EP_OUT,my_string, bytes_read, &transferred, 5000);    
    printf("\nXfer returned with %d",e);    
    printf("\nSent %d bytes with string: %s\n", transferred, my_string);    

    libusb_bulk_transfer(handle, BULK_EP_IN, my_string1, 256, &transferred, 5000);    
    printf("\nXfer returned with %d",e);     //return -1...This is an error I guess
    printf("\nReceived %d bytes with string: %s\n", transferred,my_string1);    

    e = libusb_release_interface(handle, 0);    
    return 0;    
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