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I created a hook and I want to move there a module. I override the FrontController.php within the override folder (override/clases/controller/FrontController.php).

‘HOOK_HEADER’ => Module::hookExec(‘header’),
‘HOOK_TOP’ => Module::hookExec(‘top’),
‘HOOK_NEWHOOK’ => Module::hookExec(‘DisplayNewHook’),
‘HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN’ => Module::hookExec(‘leftColumn’)

Then I edited the php file module to add:

function hookNewHook($params) { return $this->hookTop( $params ); }

And it works correctly. But is not there another way to do this? Because if the module is updated, the changes will be lost.

Thank you very much.

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Module overriding is not possible until now. What you can do is to create a duplicate module (copying pasting :) ) and use that module with your changes. Any core module(s) you modify may lost the changes when you update the prestashop.

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You'll find some help for creating a PrestaShop module there : http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS14/Creating+a+PrestaShop+module

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