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I have very simple query which returns 200K records very slow (20 seconds).


If I do just


it returns quick result.

I created INDEX on that field ID (ALLOW REVERSE SCANS) but still returns very similar response. Where can be the problem? What can be the cause of stagnation for this query? I updated statictics and index table metadata.

I am hoping for help of db experts (administrators), I know this is not simple question.

Thank you

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The bufferpool is important and the sort heap parameter (along sheapthres and sheapthres_shr) At the same time, check if there a sort overflow, because this will mean the sort will be written into disk because of lack of memory, and for this a system temporary tablespace is necesary. Check where are they stored, and if the disk are fast enough.

Take a look at the access plan, and check if the index is taking into account.

The first query is very fast because it does not need any sort, just a table scan.

For the second one, an index does not do anything, because you will retrieve all data from the table, so it does not access the index (there is nothing in the 'where', no nothing is filtered)

Both queries need table scan, but the first one needs to be sorted, and that is the problem, the sort.

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Hi thank you very much for response.I have few more questions - Buffer pool is by defauklt set to 128MB (number of pages*page size) and I adjusted it to be 1GB but I have liittle more progress. –  Stefke Feb 8 '13 at 13:42
but how do you mean both queries need table scan? Doesn't index have effect and on ORDER BY CLAUSE? Thank you for your help this is making me so much trouble in my business –  Stefke Feb 8 '13 at 13:45
Can you pelase give me some preffered values for SORTHEAP,SHEAPTHRES_SHR ? My server has 8GB of RAM. Currently values are (SORTHEAP) = AUTOMATIC(164) and (SHEAPTHRES_SHR) = AUTOMATIC(824). Also I do not see SHEAPTHRES parameter? –  Stefke Feb 8 '13 at 13:50
I really can't change SELECT *.It must begin with that. But this is powerful IBM Maximo applications which uses many huge companies over the world and for sure their statmements also begins like that. It can not be chnaged. I am sure that they have millions of records (tickets, configuration assets etc). I must mention that SELECT * is executed quite fast so database can retrive those records and columns fastly but SELECT * ORDER BY is very slow- how can I found where is stagnation? Sorry really for your time –  Stefke Feb 11 '13 at 15:23
Create a cluster index in table, to sort the data before, but with something similar to ID (bigger granularity). Well, these changes should help to improve your query. –  AngocA Feb 11 '13 at 16:46

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