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Relevant Code -- Note Instructions is merely a class with several methods which will operate on the data. A new thread is created operate on the data read.


while(true) {
     if( == 0)

     System.out.println("processing read");

     for(SelectionKey sk : selector.keys()) {
          Instructions ins = myHashTable.get(sk);
          if(ins == null) { 
               myHashTable.put(sk, new Instructions(sk));
               ins = myHashTable.get(sk);


public void readChannel() {
     BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(Channels.newReader((ReadableByteChannel), "UTF-8"));
     Worker w = new Worker(this, reader.readLine());
     (new Thread(w)).start();

The new thread then calls more Instructions methods.

When the ins function finishes it might write to a Writer:

Writer out = Channels.newWriter((WritableByteChannel), "UTF-8");

I can confirm that my client (a flash movie), then receives and acts on the output.

Finally, w exits.

After the receipt of the first message from the client, and successful processing, however, no more messages are taken care of by the READ THREAD loop. I believe the key is registered with the selector and ready to read. I have checked by looping on all the keys to see if they are readable with isReadable & isRegistered on the channel and the result is true in all cases to date. When a second message is sent from the client, however, the only response I see in the read thread is that the '.' character is printed out not every half second, but continuously faster. I believe, then, that the data is there in the channel, but for some reason the Selector isn't selecting any key.

Can anyone help me?

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for(SelectionKey sk : selector.keys())


for(SelectionKey sk : selector.selectedKeys())

Since you would like to process only those events that have occurred in the current select operation ?

Since you say that the select(500) returns before 5 seconds, my guess is that you have registered a channel with the selector for the WRITE operation. A channel is ready for write most of the times. Hence it is necessary to set the interest ops to WRITE only when data is available for writing.

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I think you are missing few points here.

  • Firstly, you should use the selector.selectedKeys() in the for loop
    as mentioned by Vijay.
  • One should remove the key from selectedKeys after the key is processed. Otherwise, the key will not be removed automatically and hence selector might spin continuously even if there is one key with interested ops bit set. (This might be the issue in your case).
  • Finally, we should perform operations on channel if the channel is ready for it. i.e, read only if isReadable() returns true and try to write only if isWritable() is true. Don't forget to validate the key.
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Note that you have to remove the channel from the list of selected keys. Select() won't do that for you. Better to use iterator for this purpose:

Iterator<SelectionKey> key_interator = selector.selectedKeys().iterator();
while (key_interator.hasNext()) {
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an other way to do this is to get the key set iterate over it with the foreach loop and call the clear() method on the set after the loop. – Exception Jul 31 '11 at 0:02

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