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I have created user control in which i am adding TextBoxes dynamically and storing counter variable in ViewState. And in main web-part I am Saving the values of all the textboxes. After saving the values in SPList I am clearing the PlaceHolder in which i have added the dynamic textboxes.

But when i again click on linkbutton to add the dynamic textbox, Counter in ViewState remains as it is. E.G. If I had added 2 extra textboxs first time and save it. and I add again then it will add 2 from the last value and add 1 more in it.

I want to clear ViewState's value, Which is in UserControl Page, From the main Web-Part page.

Please Help to solve this.

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Can you add your code to the question so we can see what you are doing? –  Ryan Erickson Feb 8 '13 at 23:13
@RyanErickson : I have solved that it was not being done because I was taking the value on page CreateChildControl() method. When I try to get value on button click it was done. Thank you... But here is the main problem that occur. I have updated my question. So if you know about this problem please help me. –  Rahul Gokani Feb 14 '13 at 7:00

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