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I have a form that allows the user to pick 3 date periods (or 1 or 2). This pattern is repeated allowing the user to select dates for Custom ranges, weekly, monthly, daily and so on. if there a way I can optimise the jquery so that I dont have to write out the whole jquery function per input? the only thing that really changes is the number in the id.

<input type='text' id='custom1from'><input type='text' id='custom1until'>
<input type='text' id='custom2from'><input type='text' id='custom2until'>
<input type='text' id='custom3from'><input type='text' id='custom3until'>

<input type='text' id='monthly1from'><input type='text' id='monthly1until'>
<input type='text' id='monthly2from'><input type='text' id='monthly2until'>
<input type='text' id='monthly3from'><input type='text' id='monthly3until'>

$("#custom1from").click(function() {

      $("#custom1until").click(function() {

      $("#custom2from").click(function() {

      $("#custom2until").click(function() {

  $("#custom3until").click(function() {
  $("#custom3until").click(function() {
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Just give it a class and select on that.

<input type='text' class="datepick" id='custom1from'><input type='text' id='custom1until'>
<input type='text' class="datepick" id='custom2from'><input type='text' id='custom2until'>
<input type='text' class="datepick" id='custom3from'><input type='text' id='custom3until'>

<input type='text' class="datepick" id='monthly1from'><input type='text' id='monthly1until'>
<input type='text' class="datepick" id='monthly2from'><input type='text' id='monthly2until'>
<input type='text' class="datepick" id='monthly3from'><input type='text' id='monthly3until'>

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    $(this).datepicker(); // use "this" don't requery the DOM.

You better add those inputs a class, like foo:

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