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I have a problem with sphinx search For example the query is 'C++'

For this query I get results that match 'C' but I need sphinx to search exact 'C++' not 'C'

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I'm not sure about sphinx but this could be an encoding problem. For example + in a URL is used to represent a space character, so you'd better make sure they are encoded/decoded correctly. – leftclickben Feb 8 '13 at 13:49

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Check your charset_table,

Suspect you dont have + in your charset_table, so it isnt been indexed.

Or if you just want to deal with specific cases (like c++) and not all cases of that char (like 1+2), then look at adding an exception for c++ (its even in the example!)

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  • is an arithmetic character and will not be matched

You should look at exceptions to around this issue:

C++ => cplusplus
c++ => cplusplus
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