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I use Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery Masonry for a new site in developement. I append new elements to the container of masonry.

The elements are neither appended or prepended to existing children but in inserted in between them, depending on a sorting order like this:

var elem = $(boxes[rand2]);
        return false;
    else if (i == $(".post").length - 1) {
        return false;

This works perfect so far. What I'd like to achieve is that the elements only display when they reached their destination place. I don't want to disable animations, but the space for the new element should appear (empty) and only when everything is re-arranged through masonry the new element should appear.

I thought there would be a callback-action that fires after reload like this:

  alert('re-aligning finished');

but that doesn't work, it fires to early.

So for the moment, I did

function showPosts(){

and that seems to work - but a fixed 500ms timeout is not a real beautiful solution...

So, any suggestions?

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I'm guessing you're already using jQuery. Perhaps the use of deferred objects could be useful.

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hmmm looks interesting but I don't understand how to use it in that context... – Raphael Jeger Feb 8 '13 at 16:08
can you create a jsfiddle of what you're trying to solve? I'm guessing the .masonry function is a deferred object. so simply tying into that with a .done() might work... but im not sure if it returns a deferred. try it out – Lucas Feb 8 '13 at 16:15
unfortunately this does not work :( maybe I just stick with my timeout of 500ms, it's not that bad but not beautiful – Raphael Jeger Feb 8 '13 at 19:00

Could you do it later after document loads?

(function($) {
function documentReadyFunction() {
    //your inserted html here
function windowResizeFunction() {
    //resize here
function windowLoadFunction() {
    //do masonry here
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