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Is there a way I can check if the value of

<?php the_field('max_working_height')?> 

is empty or store the value that will be displayed when I use acnd check if that is empty or not. If the value is not empty then I have to make it execute a set of html code and php code like this

    <tr style="height: 25px; margin-left: 10px;">
<td style="margin-left: 10px;"><b>Max
  <?php the_field('max._outreach'); ?></td> 

Please help.

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If, as it appears, you are using the ACF plugin, then the_field() echos out the value of the field. If you want to capture the value of the field, use get_field(). Check out the docs here.

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Awesome thanks a lot. – akkarthe Feb 8 '13 at 14:05
$maxWorkingHeight = the_field('max_working_height');

if (false == $maxWorkingHeight) {
    // print your html/php
} else {
    // you can print $maxWorkingHeight here if you need it

That assumes that your function returns a falsy value if the field isn't set (null, false, 0, or an empty string are all examples of falsy values in PHP).

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