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I'm looking for the code of IoOutput8 () function ,which is used to write a value to the specified I/O port.

Can anybody help knowing the right location of this functions source code??

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Has grep not turned anything up? – marko Feb 8 '13 at 15:12

In Linux, there is no IoOutput8() function. You should use void iowrite8(u8 value, void *addr); followed by the wmb(); (write memory barrier). For more details, see §9.4.2 Accessing I/O Memory of LDD Book (also see §9.4.3. Ports as I/O Memory for ioport_map/ioport_unmap).

As for the source code for IoOutput8(), you should probably get it from the same place you got that function. The only place I could find it is Phoenix IO Access Library, if that is something you are using, you should ask Phoenix company for the source code if they haven't provided it already.

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