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I have to read, with an iPhone app, a set of barcodes that have been generated with a Code39 font, but lack the leading/trailing 'asterisk', so that they are considered invalid and simply ignored by any app I've tried (from the App Store).

Apart from the asterisks, the code is well-formatted so I wonder if there is a way to force barcode readers to read that, despite of the missing chars.

I've found sources for Apps (e.g ZBar) but they rely on closed libraries...

Any hint?

Thank you

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code39 requires a start- and a end-symbol, otherwise a scanner doesn't know where the barcodes starts or ends (for example, if you use a barcode within a table). try to mask your string with a star.

'*' + ls_yourString + '*'

cheers, http://intermediabay.de/wordpress/

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KKlein, I am using code39 fonts and did the same (adding * before and after string) but I am unable to scan it. I am trying to scan bar code from my Windows phone Lumia 535, using Scanner software. Any idea why it's not recognizing the bar codes? –  elmo Apr 1 at 12:22

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