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I use CXF(2.2.3) to compile the Amazon Web Service WSDL (

But got error as below.

Parameter: snapshotSet already exists for method describeSnapshots but of type com.amazonaws.ec2.doc._2009_07_15.DescribeSnapshotsSetType instead of com.amazonaws.ec2.doc._2009_07_15.DescribeSnapshotsSetResponseType. Use a JAXWS/JAXB binding customization to rename the parameter.

The conflict was due to the data type show below:

<xs:complexType name="DescribeSnapshotsType">
                    <xs:element name="snapshotSet" type="tns:DescribeSnapshotsSetType"/>

<xs:complexType name="DescribeSnapshotsResponseType">
                    <xs:element name="requestId" type="xs:string"/>
                    <xs:element name="snapshotSet" type="tns:DescribeSnapshotsSetResponseType"/>

I create a binding file try to address the issue...but it didn`t do the job


    <jaxws:bindings node="wsdl:definitions/wsdl:types/xs:schema[@targetNamespace='']">
     <jxb:bindings node="xs:complexType[@name='tns:DescribeSnapshotsType']//xs:element[@name='snapshotSet']">
         <jxb:property name="snapshotRequestSet"/>
     <jxb:bindings node="xs:complexType[@name='DescribeSnapshotsResponseType']//xs:element[@name='snapshotSet']">
         <jxb:property name="snapshotResponseSet"/>

And the command i used, was like below


What is wrong with my code????

And you can check out my project by using svn.... svn co

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Weird, the wsdl2java flag -autoNameResolution should resolve the conflict automatically... BTW, what's wrong with your custom bindings? Did you get the same error? – Pascal Thivent Oct 1 '09 at 22:46
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This part


should be


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In your binding file, you use xs:..... but the reference of namespace is xds so if it is not working try to rename the reference xsd to xs (by the way thanks for the solution, it works)

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As @PascalThivent mentioned, CXF has a parameter, -autoNameResolution, that you should try using. The message given by CXF when it encounters this, unfortunately does not mention it.

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