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I'm trying to format an SSRS report. At the top there is a dynamic image the runs across the top. Below that is a two column table. The table is long and runs onto the next page. Instead of going to the next page I want the table to continue on the same page into another column.

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Add a column to your input data that contains either a 0 or 1. Add a row group to your tablix that uses this column to place the data in two columns. Alternately you can calculate the 0 or 1 by taking the modulo of the curent row count and 2.

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To setup multiple columns select Report from the combo-box at the top of the Properties pane and then in the Columns field type the number of columns you'd like in the report. I believe this only works in print-preview however.

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This does not give me the desired result. Actually, all it seems to do is lay white spaces over my content. Maybe I need to set the columns before adding content? –  Jesse Sep 29 '09 at 18:03

It seems that you can only set up columns on the entire report. This means that you would need to format your report layout to fit on half a page, for example, if you needed 2 columns. I haven't found an option to have the ONLY the table continue on a new "column"

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What you're referring to, newsletter-style reports (created by setting the Columns property), only has an effect on exports to PDF and IMAGE. In most cases it isn't very useful, such as in this one. –  Valentino Vranken May 17 '13 at 7:17

Have a look here:


I managed to have 6 columns in my report by using a List with embeded table and in the list I set Group on =Ceiling(RowNumber(Nothing)/26)

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The following article explains a method how to split the data over multiple columns in the same table: Creating Multiple-Column Reports

It more or less uses the approach as suggested by @Dewey but contains more details so should be easier to get it implemented. And there's a sample RDL that can be downloaded in case you're struggling with a particular step.

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