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I have two directories containing jars:

  • lib-a
  • lib-b

I want to include all jars in the lib-a directory and a specified set of jars from the lib-b directory. How can I configure this using sbt (I'm using v0.12.2).

I've tried editing unmanaged-base, but that only allow one to specify one directory. I think the key is unmanaged-jars, which is a task. I'm new to sbt, though, and don't know how to configure this.

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This is actually quite easy if you peek at unmanagedJars source code.

Here is a working sample

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I have not had time to verify, but since you're the only one to give a try, you get it. (and, at first glance, this looks pretty solid) – three-cups Feb 19 '13 at 22:23

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