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I use Telerik ASP.NET MVC component. I need to implement multiselect functionality on dropdownlist but Telerik dropdownlist component doesnt support multiselect.

Is there any way or how to implement multiselect functionality on that component?

Thanks for help.

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I'm guessing you're searching for a listbox(see a demo here).
Telerik did not implement this feature in their mvc library, you're stuck with using something other then telerik or switching to webforms(i'd recommend the first option ;) ).

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Thanks for suggestions, but i dont change form structure or dont add new dll files (telerik asp.net ajax component etc.) so i must solve on telerik asp.net mvc. – user2054653 Feb 9 '13 at 22:08

I have had much success using the Telerik Kendo Grid as a Multi-Select List Box. It does take a bit of tweaking though. The easiest way is to capture the Select event and dynamically create a CSV list of the selected values and store them in a hidden form field. You can then pass this around pretty easy. And it looks cool too. Hope this helps, or gives you some other ideas.

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Yes, it seems that even Kendo UI ComboBox (MVC wrapper) does not provide such an option like the Rad ComboBox does.

Theoretically, you can try to simulate this UI via the templates.

I believe it is better to contact their support for clarification.

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